Game On: Free Fire World Series Southeast Asia (FFWS SEA) 2024 Spring set to commence March 22, featuring 18 stellar teams

Game On: Free Fire World Series Southeast Asia (FFWS SEA) 2024 Spring set to commence March 22, featuring 18 stellar teams

Garena has announced the results of the Knockout Draw for the Free Fire World Series Southeast Asia (FFWS SEA) 2024 Spring, revealing the grouping of 18 stellar teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. From Mar 22 to May 12, these teams will compete in the Knockout Stage, before the top 12 proceed to the Point Rush and Grand Finals held at Phu Tho Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from May 24 to 26.

The exhilarating slogan, “Your Fire, Your Honor”, encourages players to ignite their inner fire and bring honor to their respective countries.

Knockout Draw Results and Star Players

The Knockout Draw Result was livestreamed on Mar 11, revealing representatives' rivals within their respective groups competing for a slice of the USD300,000 prize pool. The champion of ESL SEA, BURIRAM UNITED ESPORTS, is expected to bring stiff competition for the teams in Group C. Fans can also anticipate exciting battles among top teams in Group A and B during the Knockout Stage from Mar 22 to May 12. Additionally, V Gaming will be replaced by Heavy, a team also hailing from Vietnam. 

Group A

  1. EVOS DIVINE (Indonesia)
  2. Team Flash (Vietnam) 
  3. CGGG (Thailand)
  4. EXPAND (Malaysia) 
  5. INDOSTARS (Indonesia)
  6. GOD OF WOLF (Vietnam) 

Group B 

  1. P ESPORTS (Vietnam) 
  2. STALWART ESPORTS (Thailand)
  3. RRQ KAZU (Indonesia)
  4. HEAVY (Vietnam)
  6. REVERSE RED (Thailand) 

Group C

  2. WAG (Vietnam) 
  3. DEWA UNITED APOLLO  (Indonesia) 
  4. TODAK (Malaysia) 
  5. ATTACK ALL AROUND (Thailand)
  6. ONIC OLYMPUS (Indonesia)


As the first-ever regional tournament, FFWS SEA 2024 Spring gathers star players from SEA to compete for the ultimate crown. Fans can look forward to a ton of action with formidable star players, including: RRQ.Dutzz, a shining star from Indonesia with 160 eliminations in the recent FFWS Indonesia 2024 Spring; EXP.TheAxel, a reliable captain and experienced player from Malaysia; WAG.THEGHOST, one of the most popular professional players from Vietnam; as well as BRU.Moshi, a top-tier player from Thailand who has just emerged victorious in the ESL SEA Championship.

Tournament Format

FFWS SEA 2024 Spring will consist of three stages — the Knockout Stage, Point Rush Stage, and Grand Finals. The 18 teams will compete in two legs of online Knockout Stage matches between Mar 22 to Apr 7, and Apr 26 to May 12. Each matchday will feature two groups playing six matches in maps including Bermuda, Purgatory, Alpine, Kalahari, and Nexterra, with the final map chosen randomly for each day. 

After six weekends of knockout battles, the best 12 teams will advance to the offline Point Rush Stage and Grand Finals in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from May 24 to 26. Teams can earn head start points in the Grand Finals based on their rankings in the 2-day Point Rush Stage. 

Free Fire fans can catch the Knockout Stage to root for star teams and players from their countries. The Knockout Stage will be broadcast live on multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. All broadcast commentary will be available in five languages — English, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Broadcast start time (GMT +7)

  1. Knockout Stage
    1. 1st leg (Mar 22 to Apr): 7pm
    2. 2nd leg (Apr 26 to May 12): 5pm
  2. Point Rush Stage (May 24 and 25): 5pm
  3. Grand Finals (May 26): 5pm


Find out more in the FFWS SEA 2024 Spring Knockout Draw Results live stream. Stay tuned to the official Garena Free Fire Esports channels for exciting updates:

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